Ensignia & Associates prides itself on offering a variety of services that are customized to your specific needs



We provide customized planning, optimization, coordination, and direction for various aspects of a project.

​With over 25 years of experience providing logistics services, our team can assess, plan, route, and create a budget for tours, promotional events,  conferences, or shows in any capacity needed.


We provide guidance to help individuals and companies analyze their current business or project. We work diligently to create a strategy and set targets/goals that create growth and success.


Ensignia & Associates has the staff and resources to provide individuals and corporations with general back-office support.  Accounting, scheduling, data entry, and communications are just some of the services offered. 


Often, highly talented and creative individuals and service providers lack the time needed to dedicate to the administrative duties and business operations that are required to help them provide their services. Our team is available to help with these items (risk management, policies & procedure implementation, organization, tax preparation, and more) while you focus on delivering superior services.  We serve production managers, business owners, and service providers across many industries such as Music & Entertainment, Retail, Marketing, and Health-related fields such as Massage Therapy.


From concept to execution, Ensignia & Associates skillfully designs, implements, and staffs productions of all types. ​ Whether there is a need for a one-time performance, full concert tour, or awards show, Ensignia  provides top-notch solutions from A to Z.


Ensignia & Associates caters to those looking to unite like-minded individuals through conferences, trade shows, and meetings of all sizes.  Venue selection, marketing, design, & ambiance and production are among the most desired services provided by our team.


Ensignia has a reputation that expands over 25 years of experience with making travel arrangements, advancing and coordinating with music venues, organizing loading and unloading of backline and equipment, overseeing promotional activities, overseeing distribution of band/artist/crew per diem, managing accounting and budgeting and keeping the show and all aspects of it running efficiently.